When the only constant is change, twists and turns are inevitable.

And sometimes heartbreaking. And always destabilizing.

While smart managers look for answers,

shrewd leaders ask new questions.

BUSINESS UNUSUAL™ is about movement.

Shifting from reaction to action.

Studying all the cracks, edges, and corners with fresh eyes and ears.

REV empowers leadership teams to explore and expand their sphere of influence with confidence, style, and grace.

If markets are full of people,

and people are full of emotions,

then markets are inherently emotional.

REV takes a wide-angle view of the moment, the market, and the complicated human beings who drive them to transform insights into opportunities and solutions.

All sooner rather than later.

REV is a catalyst and partner for adventurous leadership teams. 

Collaborations unfold in various shapes and sizes:


strategy, brand, and business development roadmapping 


executive masterclasses and workshops


interim project and team management


podcasts, webinars and digital salons NEW

REV's founder is a seasoned fire-jumper with over 20 years of experience off-roading with some of the most inventive, audacious, and captivating brands in the world.

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