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The creator/executive producer of the hit Netflix scripted comedy series “Family Reunion” envisioned a Main Title sequence that would both set up the premise and capture the spirit of the openings to classic family sitcoms like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” So, the goal was to reboot the fun of those retro main titles with a 21st century sensibility.

Although many options were presented to the series producers and Netflix executives, everyone knew from the beginning that the clear winner was a dynamic kaleidoscopic visual approach.


Thumbnail sketches translated into a greenscreen cast shoot. Wardrobe selections were carefully made to work with the vibrant color scheme of the Main Title design.


By combining this eye-catching graphic style with a catchy theme song performed by the cast, new viewers learn the basic backstory of “Family Reunion” and connect with the main characters in an eclectic and entertaining way for both parents and kids…in just thirty seconds!

The Netflix team was so happy with the Main Title design that REV was asked to produce series launch campaign spots that extended the branded look. This creative marketing content was aimed at social media and a video billboard that dominated New York City’s iconic Times Square.

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