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Kenny Ortega, the mastermind behind the “High School Musical” phenomenon, brought Netflix his next big idea. It was “Julie and the Phantoms,” a scripted series about a teenage girl who forms a band with three guys who are more than just “dreamy.” They happen to be…ghosts!


The Netflix Creative Marketing team recruited REV to launch this surefire hit by creating lyric music videos for two of the songs from the Columbia Records soundtrack, “Bright” and “Edge of Great.” The assignment: combine episode clips with graphics to deliver cool, engaging videos that connect with the TikTok-loving target demo.

Many options were presented to the Netflix team, from a mixed-media look to Instagram-inspired graphic effects. The winning approach was one that elevated key moments in the show footage with a bold, eye-catching music-poster style.

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As graphics were being created, episode footage was carefully edited so that lyrics would be easy to see and follow without shot changes distracting from readability. At the same time, each video needed to work on its own in versions without lyric graphics for use on the Netflix platform worldwide.

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“Julie and the Phantoms” exploded onto the scene as an instant Netflix sensation. The videos dropped with the Columbia Records soundtrack, which leaped to Number One on the iTunes U.S. Album Chart in an incredible six days!

iTunes Music Charts - US Albums 9-16-202

The album also knocked out longtime champ “Hamilton” from the Number One spot on the iTunes Soundtrack Chart.

iTunes Music Charts - Soundtracks - 9-16

A hit series! A hit soundtrack! A hit campaign! Needless to say, the results were spectacular for Netflix, Columbia Records and executive producer Kenny Ortega. “Julie and the Phantoms” proved that you only live once, but you can rock with REV music videos forever!

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