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The executives in charge at Sony PlayStation decided to add a new dimension to its ubiquitous gaming platform. And REV was recruited to help launch this venture, an original scripted streaming superhero science-fiction series, “Powers.”


The multimedia campaign revolved around the theme “Real Power Lies Within.” The key promo’s concept involved one continuous Steadicam shot circling the main character as he surveys the skyline of future Los Angeles.


A massive greenscreen set was built for this technically ambitious shoot, while a second unit photographed plates capturing the entire 360-degree view of Downtown LA. The elements were married and enhanced through VFX, along with superpowered people flying through the city and the closing reveal of the main character’s cape flowing in a long shadow.


This promo generated over ten million views on the PlayStation YouTube channel in the first two weeks. And it remains one of the most-watched videos ever posted to the social media account.

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