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As a microcosm of society, the workplace is a flashpoint for the havoc, anguish, and long-tail consequences of neglecting deep societal inequities. 

Leaders are being challenged to understand, explain, empathize, remedy, reconcile, and heal.

All while continuing to run the business.

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What's considered "normal" in the modern workplace is largely based on implicit and explicit biases. These crippling "norms" marginalize team members and, by extension, degrade the company's reputation with customers, clients, and partners who demand corporate accountability. 

CXO's have an outsized impact that can make or break their organization. Thus, the corner office comes with an outsized obligation to redress lopsided power structures, cultural norms, and deeply-rooted ideologies.

And effectively manage the business.

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EDGEWISE is an intimate and carefully curated eight-week executive masterclass. By stimulating personal reflection and collaborative problem-solving, each session is designed to illuminate the tangible business impacts of diversity gaps. 

Safe space. Straight talk. Forward motion.

By convening leaders from a variety of industries and disciplines, EDGEWISE emphasizes business management and operations dimensions that compliment talent and human resources-driven insights. Alternately, custom programs can be developed to accommodate a cross-section of leaders from a single company.

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EDGEWISE's peer-focused forum allows executives to speak candidly about senior leadership challenges, draw connections between D&I and strategic business goals, and develop company-specific action plans. Moving outward from personal perspectives to team and external implications, topics include:


Understanding the role of origin stories in shaping personal belief systems


Remodeling workplace power structures and dynamics


Leveraging broad-based diversity of thought to enhance innovation, ideation, and competitiveness


Reimagining corporate culture


Enhancing and protecting brand and market reputation 


Adopting targeted and easy-to-implement strategies to bridge the gap on your team

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Interactive sessions are co-facilitated by longtime colleagues and collaborators who bring decades of real-world management, leadership, and experiential learning expertise. Their strategies have been fine-tuned in some of the world's largest corporate, not-for-profit, and professional services settings.

REV Managing Partner Alma Derricks is an accomplished business and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience in business operations and management consulting. She has developed and launched ground-breaking businesses and partnerships for some the most of inventive, audacious, and captivating brands in the world. 

CoWorks President James "Jay" Guilford is a seasoned trainer, leadership strategist, and experiential learning expert with over a decade of experience advising executive teams. Jay helps groups devise and revise people processes in ways that improve organizational culture while also driving business success.

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EDGEWISE is a thoughtfully balanced and highly selective program. It is purpose-built for open-minded and collaborative senior executives who manage teams of at least 20 professionals.

To introduce yourself and schedule an interview for an upcoming EDGEWISE masterclass...

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