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Think Twice Labs’ fresh and immersive approach to building emotional intelligence while empowering diverse teams to be more collaborative, cohesive, and productive is impactful, actionable, and right on time

introspective acting and improvisational techniques


decades of thoughtful management insights


a unique opportunity to harness the power of diverse perspectives, learn practical collaboration strategies, and unlock competitive advantage in an energetic and engaging setting


Think Twice Labs builds on the inspiring personal empowerment lessons featured in Eliza VanCort’s bestseller by adding C-suite perspectives from innovation expert — and foreword writer — Alma Derricks. In the most unlikely coast-to-coast Covid collaboration,  they joined forces to spark the #ClaimSpace movement before they ever met in person.


Author and TEDx speaker Eliza VanCort uses her academic expertise and training as an acting instructor to empower audiences and share practical tools and tips for transforming their lives. Her powerful method of engaging audiences in any forum has been described as “invaluable” and “thrilling,” making her one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the industry.

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Drawing on over 25 years of management and consulting experience with Deloitte, HBO, Paramount, Cirque du Soleil and many other adventurous organizations, Alma Derricks is the Founder and Managing Partner of REV, a boutique business and market strategy consultancy. She has spoken internationally on innovation, cultural nuances, and the intersection of business and creativity.


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