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As business problems become increasingly complex, the need for innovative thinking has never been more urgent.

And the stakes couldn't possibly be higher.

The catch? 

Innovation requires connecting new dots. It also requires interplay and collaboration between people with vastly different ways of looking at the world.

And, well, it isn’t always pretty.

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For analytical and quantitative “left-brain” thinkers, technology, finance and operations are relatively effortless. But the inability to comprehend the nuances of brand storytelling or customer motivations can be awkward and confusing 

 ...and career-limiting

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For creative and abstract “right-brain” thinkers, product design, customer experience, and marketing are largely intuitive. But the quantitative skills needed to craft sharply competitive business cases and success metrics can be frustrating and marginalizing

...and career-limiting 

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With 89% of C-suite walls lined with left-brain-leaning degrees, the persistent gap between business and creative thinkers manifests as a power imbalance that significantly




sabotages corporate culture

impedes growth

undermines innovation

In contrast, experts from Accenture estimate that well-integrated whole-brain companies generate



22% higher revenue growth 

34% more profit

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Because taking a random accounting class or creative writing workshop just won't get the job done...

TIGHTROPING is an intimate and carefully curated eight-week executive masterclass that brings together business and creative leaders from a variety of industries to explore their respective superpowers and learn practical strategies to activate "horizontal thinking" and productive new collaborations inside their organizations. Custom programs can also be developed to accommodate a cross-section of leaders from a single company. 

Interactive sessions are facilitated via videoconference by REV Managing Partner Alma Derricks, a Stanford + Deloitte + Cirque du Soleil alum with over 20 years of experience managing and building new businesses with an array of legendary “suits” and “creatives”.


TIGHTROPING starts with a personalized diagnostic that illuminates each leader’s dominant problem solving style. Subsequent sessions unpack the highest-priority horizontal touchpoints inside the organization and examine how these interactions (or lack thereof) manifest themselves in every product, service, and customer interaction.

GRAPHIC Inner Life Colleagues Customers.


Identifying personal superpowers / styles and understanding counterparts' perspectives


Exploring the state-of-the-state in left-brain vs. right-brain science and the benefits of diverse teams


Communicating effectively across the divide in live presentations, memos, emails, and meetings


Rooting out the most important numbers and nuances from core business metrics and statistics to market intelligence and customer feedback


Adopting targeted and easy-to-implement strategies to bridge the gap on your team


Rethinking external and customer-facing touchpoints and applying TIGHTROPING principles to marketing messaging, customer service, etc.

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TIGHTROPING is a thoughtfully balanced and highly selective program that is purpose-built for open-minded, energetic, and adventurous senior executives who manage teams of at least 20 creative and business professionals.

To introduce yourself and schedule an interview for an upcoming TIGHTROPING masterclass...

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