n. [ in-er sur-kuhls ] small, exclusive, and intimate groups of like-minded people sharing a common goal, pursuit, or purpose

REV's executive workshops, masterclasses, and roundtables are immersive and collaborative spaces specifically designed to challenge and engage adventurous business leaders.

Lead by passionate subject-matter experts with decades of hands-on business experience, every session is purpose-built to address the largely unspoken gaps and potholes that undermine growth, culture, and profitability.  


As business problems become increasingly complex, the persistent gap – and resulting power imbalance – between left-brain and right-brain thinkers is a costly barrier to growth and innovation. 

TIGHTROPING is an intimate and carefully curated eight-week executive master class that brings together business and creative leaders from a variety of industries to explore their respective superpowers and learn practical strategies to activate powerful and productive new collaborations inside their organizations.

Interactive sessions are facilitated by REV Managing Partner Alma Derricks who brings over 20 years of experience working with an array of legendary “suits” and “creatives” to build inventive new businesses at the edges of established media, entertainment and consumer products companies.



No business function is more misunderstood, bastardized and poorly utilized than Marketing. Representing millions of dollars in annual spending, a small army of staff and contractors, plus a host of outside agencies, Marketing is too big and too important to a business to be the source of so much executive confusion and angst. 

In an eight-week series of online meetings with a small, highly curated peer group, Anthony will guide you through the actionable steps to create a marketing organization that’s optimized to do what it’s supposed to do -- drive top-line growth – without the unnecessary buzzwords, tech fads and other distractions.

Facilitator C. Anthony Jones is a REV partner and senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in both the corner office and marketing leadership roles. In addition to launching dozens of innovative products and services, he has successfully led multiple, global reorganizations of marketing teams from the ground up.

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